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Reports of Recent Magnanimous Activities

In line with the Humanitarian and Welfare Services of the AFRICAN LEAGUE ORGANIZATION – (ALO) and their Collaborators – MARGRET OKOROAGU NWANERI FOUNDATION (MONF) AND NWANERI YOUTH MOVEMENT (NYM):

Report of their recent magnanimous activities to the good people of Amiri, in the Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State.

Social/Health Services:

There was a General Examination/Screening Exercise on the 5th Day, of September 2020. A total of 31 Adults and 12 Kids were screened for Health and Medical Attention.

We thank God Almighty for his special grace, as the outcome of the Exercise recorded a massive success.

It is our pleasure to appreciate Dr. Victor Dike and his team, for exhibiting high level of professionalism, in the way they managed the affairs of the days.

The Medical Team Assessment report will be available in a later date. Although, from the interim report released so far, it was realized that a good number of family members have been living with High Blood Pressure, as some very found to be well over 200, very high Sugar Level. It’s quite unfortunate, but thanks be to God for this intervention.

Special Appreciations:

May we use this medium to express our Appreciation to the following:

  1. Working Committee of the MONF.
  2. Members of the ALO Emergency/Health Committee.
  3. Leadership of the NYM.
  4. The Medical Team and their line Staff.
  5. The Leadership of the Amiri Community.
  6. Uncle Uchenna Nwaneri, for his facilitation and commitment.

In a special way, we thank everyone that made this possible.

May the Good Lord continue to bless us as individuals and as a family.


Sir Iky Nwaneri,

BOT, Chairman

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