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2015 Executive Summary On Our Activities

2015 Executive Summary On Our Activities

African league organization, is a non-governmental, non-profitable, but internationally acclaimed charitable organization, with its major areas of impact being on campaign advocacy against social ills, corporate image, good and result oriented governance, in Nigeria. We were established and duly registered in the year 2000, and ever since then, we have remained very active, effective, and committed. We are professional, and our practices are in line with laid down guidelines as constitutionally directed.

We have a team of experienced technocrats, politicians and professionals in various field of our national endeavor; we have volunteers, who are normally delegated to most of the states, on different assignments. In collaboration with other NGOs, we had jointly executed various forms of enlightenment campaigns on several burning issues in Nigeria.


As an NGO, we have been involved in the sharpening and dissemination of governments policy decisions, and its transformation agenda. Since the advent of this present democracy in 1999, we have in no small measure, contributed towards national orientation. Some of the salient areas of participation were in thus;

  1.     Anti-corruption campaigns: This was conducted as an interactive programme in    the    six Geopolitical zones, in conjunction with other NGOs.
  2. Youth for peace activities in the hitherto, militant ridden Niger delta areas: We got our approval to undertake this project, by the national working committee of the PDP, under the coordination of Alh. Farouk Bibi Farouk, the then national youth leader of PDP. However, we funded the project independently.
  3. Campaign on the sharia code: Buoyed by the national outcry due to lack of clarity of this idea, as it was a consensus initiative; we embarked private diplomacy programme, to persuade several groups, to reject the position.
  4. Election monitoring activities: We were accredited and registered volunteers, who we sponsored to observe the 2003, 2007 and 2011, general elections.
  5. Urban support sector sponsored programmes: We train artisans on different skill acquisition programmes, as a way to compliment the governments established NAPEP programme. In our own case, we schedule and train traders in the field, on the skill that will help us them enhance their income, using UNDP 5thcountry programme vision.
  6. Public enlightenment on the polio meningitis: We have at one time, what we termed as community based health distributors vanguard, who serve as forerunners, to prepare the ground for the local dwellers, to present their wards for the national health programmes as the polio vaccine intake, roll back malaria, river blindness etc. We had plans to embark on the sickle cell awareness campaign, it shall be attempted, when we perfect the frame work.


As we approach 2015, which is another general election year in our country, it has become imperative to close ranks with relevant groups, that share similar vision, for us to collaborate galvanize Nigerians, through synergy, to ensure that the most valued character, is in display, before, during and after the elections. This is most expedient, due to the out pouring of emotions from different political groups, in our system.

Our commitment, is directed towards inculcating a new national character among the populates, by imbibing/adopting the culture and value of patriotism, while we advance our individual and/or group aspirations. Today, we affirm democracy and it values, not because the world demands it of us, but because it is good for us. It is said that actions and reactions, are equal and opposite. Hence, the need for the campaign, to invent the required conduct in the forth coming electoral exercise; one that is devoid of any form of inflammatory or toxic tendencies, with potentials of triggering civil dis-quietness.

The expected outcome will be the realization by our people that people are not always punished because of what they do, but essentially, by what they do; particularly, for those, who would want to go all the way, not minding the implications of their actions to the well being of our nation. The mandate shall be for our people, to restrain their best politician interest. We have the intention of staging nationwide crusade for peaceful and violence free electioneering campaigns and elections in Nigeria, as part of our national point of reference schedule.

African league organization (youth wing) are also functional, at our institutions of higher learning, a student organization of very dedicated and diverse buckeyes who commit their time and energy towards creating awareness by encouraging a positive interaction among the student body, especially students above the age of eighteen years. Each year, they host numerous events that entertain, educate, and improve the campus and greater community through cultural showcase, volunteer work, and collaborations. The purpose of this organization is to:

  • Foster a greater understanding & unity among students from all Africancountries at the higher institutions.
  • Promote and preserve the culture and heritage of our Nigerianpeople
  • Encourage interaction among Nigerian/African
  • Develop and maintain social relationships with other organizations and ethnic groups.

Proposed Work Profile:

Sequel to the above highlighted schemes, we, African League Organization, hereby indicate our intention, to collaborate with; save Nigeria democracy and our sister NGO – human life international, in coalition with, other relevant NGOs from; Nigerians in the diaspora and friends of Nigeria, to undertake the following listed activities, for the 2015 general elections:

  1. Team leader support.
  • Who is a team leader?
  • What does a team leader do?
  • Team leader benefit
  1. Questionnaire for 2015 national opinion polls. Public opinion and the assessment of 50 million Nigerian, towards the 2015 presidential election.
  2. Mobilization/enlightenment programmes
  3. Campaign tour subordinate role.
  4. House to house campaign
  5. Voters education ancillary activities.
  6. Polling agent awareness

Strategic Campaign

  1. Proposed campaign services

(a) conduct an inventory

(b) write the general plan

(c) help the campaign hire/ and or help train initial campaign staff.

(d) help the campaign hire/ and or train research staff.

(e) write the preliminary case for our president.

(f) help the campaign hire media and survey research consultants.

(g) write the grassroots organization plan

(h) help the campaign hire and or train grassroots organizers

(i) write the technology plan

(j) help the campaign hire/and or train the technology staff.

(k) write the message plan


African League Organization:

Iyke Nwaneri, is the National Leader of the group

Human Life International:

Hon Chukwudi Oriala, is the Executive Secretary, Of This NGO.

Nigerians In Diaspora And Friends Of Nigeria:


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