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ALO & Their Collaborators; Margret Okoroagu Nwaneri Foundation & Nwaneri Youth Movement Reports Their Recent Magnanimous Activities
Building of library in Mbubu Oru East

Democratic Literatures

General principles of democratic governance printed in relevant local languages of the people to be…

Youth Development

Any pursuit of democracy, which does not place adequate emphasis on youth-related development will

Environmental Campaign

Campaign for adequate attention to be paid to environmental problems of our time through the Friends of The Earth


We Set the Standards & provide quality training & experience

As an NGO, not just in the business of profit making, but rather in establishing a relationship with other organization who share the same dreams and visions. ALO has been vibrant and dynamic in the pursuit of its fundamental objectives which is African oriented.  With offices in most African countries, the activities of the organization have been on the increase.

Our Salient Area of Participation in 2015 Were

  • Anti-Corruption Campaign
  • Election Monitoring Activities
  • Youth for Peace Activities in the Hitherto
  • Election Monitoring Activities
  • Insight on the Polio Meningitis
  • Urban Support Sector Sponsored Programmes

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Years Of Service


We Provide Assistance in Various Directions

Contact us any suitable way and make an appointment with the doctor whose help you need! Visit us at the scheduled time


Economic empowerment through Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) for export and import.

Community Dev.

Community Development Scheme (CDS) through sponsoring community and government projects.


From the interim report, a good number of family members have been living with High Blood Pressure…

Destitute Rehab.

Rehabilitation of destitute through training in skill acquisition and sports.


Monitoring electioneering campaign and poll day balloting.

Conflict Resolution

Peaceful means of conflict resolution.

Our strong point

Democratization and sustenance of democracy in Africa through Economic Empowerment.

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The advantages derivable from ALO include Education, Information and Enlightenment. It is envisaged that this will engender solid democratic foundation and principles.


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All our achievements are purely illustrious and philanthropic. Despite the effects of the pandemic, we have recorded notable achievements in the course of implementing our priority objectives of impacting lives of our people through the MONF.

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